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Hundreds of free EndView puzzles.

Download: v1.2.1 (macOS only).

A (5x5 ABC) EndView puzzle starts with an empty square board (of size 5x5) with some letters on the sides. The figure below shows an example on the left.

empty and solution

The corresponding solution is on the right. Every row and column contains every letter exactly once (A, B, and C) and the first/last letter of each row and column corresponds to the letter written on the side, if any.

Variants of EndView

There are several variants of the puzzle. The board can be smaller or larger. There can be more letters. The number of empty locations depends on the size of the board and the number of letters.

EndView is sometimes called ‘Easy as ABC’ or ‘ABC EndView’.

The EndView app contains three variants: the 3x3 ABC, the 5x5 ABC, and the 5x5 ABCD.

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

Version History

v1.2.1 Fix translations of Mac Application Menu

v1.2 Includes an app icon

v1.1 Includes Dutch and French translations

v1.0 First version

Other websites

Here are some websites that discuss EndView, provide some puzzles, and some other variant.